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Pai gow poker is a casino game which is based on an ancient Chinese domino game, called Pai gow, and it is a combination of domino and poker while the hand ranking is the same as in texas holdem (with the exception that five aces is the best hand and Ace-2-3-4-5 is the second highest straight flush or straight). The game can be played by up to 7 people, with 52 cards and one joker card. Here, the joker is a wild card and it can be used only as an ace or with a joker can complete a straight, straight flush or flush.

Each of the players in pai gow poker gets dealt 7 cards and the goal in the game is to beat the dealer. The players can see their cards and divide them into two hands – one with the best 5-card hand and the other with the best 2-card hand a player can make with his cards. The hands must be chosen in such a way that the 5-card hand is better than the 2-card hand. As we have mentioned before, the hand rankings of the hands in pai gow poker are the same as in texas holdem.

After all the players are ready with dividing their 7 cards into two hands, all players must put the two hands they have already divided face down and it is dealer’s turn to divide his 7 cards into two hands just like the players did. Once he’s done, all the players’ hands are turned face up so that they can be compared with the dealer’s hands.

Outcomes in a game of pai gow poker:

The player wins the staked amount only if he beats both hands of the dealer.

In case, the dealer wins one hand and the player wins the other, then we’ve got a “push” and the player wins no money, just changes the hands. It is also a “push” if the player wins one hand and the other is tied.

The player loses his stake in case the dealer wins both hands or if the dealer wins one of the hands and the other is tied, as well as if both hands are tied.

As you see, pai gow poker rules are very simple and this type of poker is a very interesting game which you can have a lot of fun with. All you need to do is just practice a little and then you can read our pai gow poker strategy which will help you play better, win more and have more fun respectively.


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