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Partypoker Brings Cash Games Back To Life

There are several changes that have been going on the cute and stylish poker platform of Partypoker website.

If you are their regular customer, then you must be by all means fully aware of what`s happening there. However, if you are not, here is the deal – Partypoker makes its Poker for the people campaign continue growing up and the cash games are brought back to life thanks to it. Another big change you can observe at Partypoker is that the software chooses the certain table to join. This will get you out of the annoying situation to wait on the cash game queue. Also, Partypoker minimizes the risk for its clients and when they are on a table together, the rest of them will no longer observe some of the personal data they have previously filled in.

The only information you will be able to see is a client`s avatar and name.

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