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Partypoker Postpones Its Poker Fest

You`ve been latetly waiting for the big online poker event Poker Fest? Well, have a little bit more patience, because it is not 100% sure when the event will take place.

The main responsible team behind the Poker Fest event – Partypoker – has recently made a short image-like statement as to the fest. The image is simple – postponed notice that will probably make many players and poker lovers quite disappointed. We are not sure yet when the exact and correct of the event will be, but what we know for sure is the main reason why the fest is delayed. It turned out that there`s a big problem in connectivity feature of the software that will operate the event. The news has come during the weekend and Partypoker might be very worried about what`s happening right now since it has already promised to present a completely new experience and style of its Poker Fest.

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