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Pokerstars With and Inquiry Into DFS

One of the leading casino and mainly poker online operator – Pokerstars – continues its investigation about the DFS. The popular gambling company wants to be 100% sure that daily fantasy sports category it is improving will be finely enough accepted by the audience.

It is not a secret to anybody that Pokerstarts has been always reasonable enough, when it comes to inner website improvement and the customers were often put as main judges as to the changes. Now, Pokerstars are questioning their former USA-based clients. They are asked to participate in an inquiry into DFS. For the purpose, the gambling company has been now introducing a pack of questions in an e-mail campaign. As to the rumours Pokerstars will release the new set of DFS gambling options till the end of September. It will be then, when the page will have an entire NFL season and customers across the whole world might be able to join it. But this questionnaire is not made only for the help Pokerstars needs about its new campaign. The company has been probably trying to bring some of its best customers – those from USA – to their platform.

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