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Powerball is an American lottery game which is organized by an American lottery association that is a non-profit organization. The minimum Powerball jackpot is $40,000,000 although it often goes into the 9 digit sums. The drawings are done in Tallahassee, Florida, every Wednesday and Saturday. The standard lottery ticket with one line costs $2. Every Powerball participant who fills out a line needs to choose 5 numbers out of 59 and 1 additional number out of 35. Therefore, there are two barrels with balls during the drawing in Powerball – one full of 59 white balls and the other full of 35 red Powerball balls.

The history of Powerball lottery started in 1992 when it replaced Lotto America which had been created in 1988. Since then, it has been present in all states in USA, except for Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming where no lottery tickets are being sold at all. Powerball is the first lottery which uses two barrels with balls which decreases the chance someone to win the jackpot, however, it increases the jackpot amounts significantly. Later on, the two barrels had been implemented in many other lotteries around the world, including the European Euromillions.


Countries where you can participate: United States of America.

A Powerball lottery ticket can buy any American citizen who is 18 years old or above, except for several states which are as follows: Nebraska – 19+; Arizona, Iowa and Louisiana – 21+.

As we mentioned above, the minimum bet in Powerball is $2 which is the price for playing with one line. Each and every line contains 5 numbers out of 59 (white balls) which are located in the first barrel, and 1 number out of 35 (red balls) which are located in the second barrel. Players win if they guess at least three of the white balls in the first barrel or one of the red balls in the second one. If a player guesses the five white balls and the red ball, he wins the Powerball jackpot.


Below you can find what you would win if you guessed a certain amount of the balls:

1. 5 white balls and 1 red ball
- odds: 1:175,223,510
- win: current jackpot

2. 5 white balls
- odds: 1:5,153,633
- win: $1,000,000

3. 4 white balls 1 red ball
- odds: 1:648,976
- win: $10,000

4. 4 white balls
- odds: 1:19,088
- win: $100

5. 3 white balls and 1 red
- odds: 1:12,245
- win: $100

As you may notice, the amount of winnings depends on how many of the numbers you have guessed correctly.


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