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Romania officially reveals its worst places to gamble

Romania will become one of the first countries that will generously and carefully list all the national online gambling websites that do not worth it or to be even more specific that seem as scams. The national gambling and sports betting regulation agency – National Office for Gambling or also well-known as ONJN has already its blacklist with online gambling pages!

Some of these websites do not even have official licences to operate on the market; others have poor quality of customer support services and very bad facilities, while others are in debt for taxes. Meanwhile, the national gambling authority behind ONJN has finally banned up to 48 domains that should not even exist due to serious violations or lack of official permission to operate in gambling sphere. Still, there are operators, though, that are not in such big troubles, because National Office for Gambling has given to them some grace period of 3 months, during which their companies must pay about 20% on gross gaming funds they have achieved as profits in the last 5 years. Till 1st of August 2015 the entire gambling saga in Romania is assigned to be over and only the best domains will remain.

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