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Every casino player is looking for a roulette system that will bring him winnings while he is having fun playing his favorite game. Our team has devoted itself to finding and developing the right systems for the visitors of MyCasinoStrategy. We have gathered the most popular and effective systems on the internet in one place for you to read and try out. Apart from that, we have developed and tested numerous strategiesso that we can tell which are the most effective ones and place them in our roulette section for you.

Before you can choose the right one for yourself, you need to decide what amount you are willing to deposit and then you will be able to choose most appropriate strategy for your budget. We have created roulette systems for every budget - some require high budget and can bring high winnings, others are more frugal and require small budget and can bring you smaller but steady winnings. The choice which one to choose is all yours and our objective is to assist you as much as possible on your way to a pleasant and successful casino experience.

We will start with the most frugal and simple roulette systems and continue with those that are suitable for more experienced players and require big bankroll.


The first roulette system is our basic roulette strategy – it is simple and is based on the calculus of probability. This system is very suitable for beginner players since it is easy to follow and still gives good chances to win and have fun for a long time with a small budget. Take a look at our basic roulette strategy.

Another simple and frugal roulette system is our simple roulette strategy which is believed to have been used by John Wayne since it had been described in his biographical book. This is a very effective strategy and it can be carried out with just $100 initial balance and with a bit of luck it can bring you good winnings. Take a look at our simple roulette strategy.

The following system is a really effective one which is based on a mathematical progression and according to our mathematical calculations, it can be carried out with a balance of $35, $195 or $390 – the more, the better since you can stay in the game for a longer time in case of an unlucky streak. It is called winning roulette system and if you try it, you will be surprised how effective it can be. Take a look at our winning roulette system.

Our roulette strategy is a system which is carried out with a recommended balance of $506 and this will be enough for you to hold up to 88 unlucky spins until you win so this makes it a really effective one. You can definitely have a lot of fun with this system and you can also accumulate good winnings with it. Take a look at our roulette strategy.

Almost every casino player has heard of the martingale roulette system and maybe many people have tried it. Theoretically, it is perfect but you need to be lucky in order to play with it in the long run and the reason for that are the bet limits that some casinos impose. Therefore, our roulette strategies team has developed a variation of the martingale  system which we have called professional martingale system and it will help you stay in the game for a longer time in case of an unlucky streak. It is suitable for experienced players and requires a high initial deposit, however, it will give you the opportunity to win much more after you cope with the eventual unlucky streaks. Take a look at our professional martingale system.

Another amazingly effective system that we have developed for our visitors is called advanced roulette strategy and it is suitable for experienced gamblers. It is really effective and if you try it, you will find out that you can generate very good winnings with it while you are having great fun. Its only disadvantage is that it requires a big initial deposit but that deposit is needed so you can stay in the game long enough in a case of an unlucky streak. This roulette system will let you stay in the game for up to 20 unlucky spins, each with 18.93% chance to win which is really good. The initial deposits that are good to go with are - $420 (enough for up to 12 unlucky spins), $1204 (enough for up to 16 unlucky spins) or $3430 (enough for up to 20 unlucky spins). As you may guess - the bigger the deposit, the better because you will be able to stay in the game for a longer time. Take a look at our advanced roulette strategy.

This is just a small part of the selection of roulette systems that we've made for you. Do not forget to take a look at all our roulette systems in order to choose the best and most effective one for you.


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