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            Here are some of the most popular and interesting facts and myths about the slots:

1.          The casinos always have the slot machines programmed to payout between 85% and 95% of the money played on them.

2.          The payout percentage of the slots is not affected by the time of the day, the day of the week or month and etc.

3.          The player is not affecting the final outcome of the spinning of the reels in any way.

4.          The slot machines may look the same on the outside but they are different inside.

5.          A slot machine that has had extended play without any significant payouts is considered to be due to hit. Some consider this fact as a myth, others consider it as a truth.

6.          The casinos do not change the slots payout ratio at will depending on the player who is playing. They may keep an eye on certain slots players but they wouldn’t change the settings of the machine because of them.

7.          A myth is that a slot machine that has hit the jackpot, will not hit again for a long time.

8.          The slot machines have numerous microchip processors inside that are constantly generating random numbers and combinations, even when the slot machine is not used.

9.          Casinos usually place the slots machines intentionally. The slots that have lower payout ratio are placed in crowded areas and areas with high traffic.

10.        Some people believe that using cold or hot coins, and old or new ones may affect the outcome of the spin. This is not true and the coin has nothing to do with the random number generator inside the slot machine.

11.        Each and every pull is independent and there is no such thing like a slot machine that is due to hit.

12.        It doesn’t matter whether you pull the handle or you hit the spin button for the outcome of the slots spin.


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