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            RULES OF SLOTS


            Slot machines is the most popular casino game and can be found in every casino in the world. The slot machines have many variations but generally the slots rules are all the same. All that the slots player needs to do is to drop coins in the slot machine and then spin the reels using either the handle or the spin button of the slot machine (depending on the slot machine). There is a number of horizontal lines (from 1 to 50 and even more depending on the slot machine) across the screen of the slot machine. The slots player wins when a certain combination of symbols falls on the line when the reels stop spinning. The symbols are bright, easily recognizable and there are different combination of symbols that will bring winnings to the slots players. The combinations are usually illustrated on the slot machine itself together with the corresponding payout ratio. The payout depends on the combination, the slot machine, the casino, the game and etc.

            The slot machines are either regular slots or progressive slots. The regular slot machine would pay the winnings of the players according to a fixed schedule. The difference between the regular slots and the progressive slots is that when playing the progressive slots, the players have the chance to hit the progressive jackpot whose amount is constantly increasing till the moment someone wins it. The more slots players play and lose their money, the faster the jackpot increases and the bigger its amount gets.

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