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Some of the Best Poker Players in the World Today

Throughout the years, the appeal of poker games has unceasingly increased as proven by recent online gambling news. For many poker players at bodog, this particular card game is simply a game of fun among friends. It is also fun to know more about other casino games such as bodog blackjack and baccarat with strategies outlined in this website. For some people though, online gambling games are a serious business especially with the huge jackpots that can potentially be won.

Without further ado, here are some of the best poker players in the world this 2013:

Paul Volpe
Paul Volpe is one of the highest earning poker players today with more than $2 million dollars in his casino winnings and over 1.5 million for his online career. This American poker player has already received eight career titles under his belt. In the very recent Event #33 in the No-Limit Hold’em Turbo Six Handed event, he was able to secure the number one spot for himself. He won a total of $171,118, beating Mike McDonald from Canada.

Antonio Esfandiari
He is from Tehran, Iran whose real name is Amir Esfandiari. However, he is more known as The Magician today because of his ostentatious chip and card tricks. He has won a number of tournaments including World Poker Tour in which he is deemed the youngest winner. He also has three bracelets from the World Series of Poker. Right now, he currently holds the highest amount of poker winnings for the entire history of poker with more than $23.2 million worth of winnings.

Marvin Rettenmaier
According to most Poker Power Rankings, Marvin Rettenmaier is at the number one spot. It is no brainer since Marvin has ended up in the first place at several tournaments including the WPT World Championship and the No Limit Hold’em 8-handed. He has a total of over $3.7 million in live tournaments alone.

Erik Seidel
Erik’s love for gambling has paid off now that he is more than $17 million richer. At first, he was a backgammon participant for eight years. Then, he moved to the stock market and finally to the poker world. Since his rise to fame in 1988, he has become well known for his skills in poker as he continued to win a total of seven World Series of Poker tournaments. For beginners who also want to try their luck, play Roulette first as this is considered the easiest casino game at the best online gambling sites. Proven techniques on playing poker can be found here:

Sam Trickett
Sam started his career in poker in 2005 when he decided to try the card game while he was recovering from his knee surgery. Prior to that, he was a football player. However, when he won $3 million in 2011, it seemed like there was no turning back for Sam Trickett. Just last year, he earned over $10 million where he placed second in a WSOP event called Big One for One Drop. He is now Britain’s most successful poker player and his total earnings have gone over $16.5 million. Just like Trickett, you do not have to be an expert to win.

Ana Marquez
Poker is not only for the gents, but for the ladies who are good in bluffing as well. Proof to that is Ana Marquez, who became the player of the month in February. She is considered one of the best poker players in Spain and was the 2012 Player of the Year in the Ladies category as well. Her career blossomed in 2011 and she hit rock-bottom in 2012, but she is gradually moving upwards this year in terms of her winnings. Her total casino winnings amounted to $165,829 plus her online winnings of $497,845.

Other Notable Players
Charlotte Van Brabander from Belgium is believed to be the breakout Poker star this year. She used to be a Counterstrike player, but has switched to poker recently, a move that seems to fit her appropriately. Sebastian Sikorski from Canada is also someone to watch out for this year. He has not played on live TV yet, but his screen name online is “p0cket00” or “p00ket00.” He has over $5.6 million worth of winnings and even won the World Championship of Online Poker in 2012.

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