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As you may guess, most poker players (especially beginners) make similar or even the same mistakes. We are absolutely sure that you want to avoid that. Staying away from the common mistakes will raise significantly your chances to win.

Mistake #1: You play too many hands.

Most of the Texas hold'em poker players play too many hands and this is definitely the most common mistake among them. You should make sure that you play the good hands only and fold the others, especially if you play with 6-10 opponents. The more the opponents, the smaller the chance for you to have the best hand on the table. Avoid to call the blinds on weak cards, just because you hope you will get something with the flop. No matter that it will happen sometimes, it usually won't and you will end up spending your money on false expectations most of the time. Whenever you play Texas hold'em poker with a lot of opponents, just fold hands like 10-2, Q-5 or K-3, for example, if you want to be on the safe side.

The reason for most of the players to play too many hands is just because they want to play instead of waiting for good cards to be dealt but patience is extremely important if you want to play well and win in Texas hold'em poker.

Mistake #2: You do not take advantage of your position.

The player's position on the table is very important and you may easily learn how to benefit from that. You will be in your best position whenever you are dealing the cards because you will be the last one to decide what to do and you'll have all the information you can get about your opponents' hands. An early position on the table in Texas hold'em poker requires you to play less hands and vice versa.

Mistake #3: You think you are an excellent poker player.

Thinking that you are a great Texas hold'em poker player because you are winning against your opponents won't do you any good but quite the contrary. If you think that way, it will prevent you from learning more and more things about the game. Hold'em poker is a very complex and dynamic game - there is always room for improvement and it is always good to read, talk to other players and learn more about the game.

Mistake #4: You are too emotional.

When you gamble, emotions are your enemy so don't let the them ruin your game of poker. The main reason for the Texas hold'em poker players to go bankrupt is the fact that they are too emotional. In other words - emotions will prevent you from playing rationally and logically.

Mistake #5: You are foreseeable.

In a game of Texas hold'em poker, it is important to watch your opponents all the time and note the way they look, play and hold their cards so that you may predict their actions. This is one of the main aspects of the game and, therefore, it is one of the main goals of every capable poker player. As you may guess, while you are watching your opponents' play, they are watching yours too. Therefore, you must not let your play become foreseeable. You need to play logically and rationally most of the time but from time to time you should change your play just to confuse your opponents - do some bluffing, for example.

Mistake #6: You do not know when to stop playing.

Most of the Texas hold'em poker players just don't know when to stop playing and they get carried away. Knowing when to stop and leave the table is very important and every player should make sure that he is not getting carried away because that may cost him a lot. There are two cases which require you to leave the poker table - if you have won a lot or if you are in an unlucky streak. In both cases, it is better to stop playing for the day and continue playing on the next day.

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