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Every Texas hold'em poker player, no matter if it is beginner or advanced, could use some helpful advice. Here we have gathered 10 useful tips for you which you can read and try to follow.

1. Do not play every hand. When your hand is weak, you should just fold.

The most common mistake of almost all beginner and intermediate poker players is that they play every hand, no matter if it is good or not, just to take part in the game. If you play every hand, you will most probably lose a lot more than if you play the good hands only. You need to practise your patience and you need to learn to wait for the right hand to play with.

Here is a list of hands which are good for you to play:

- Ace-Ace – this is the best possible hand that you may get. It is known as bullets or pocket rockets.
- King-King – this is the second best hand in Texas hold’em. It is known as cowboys.
- Queen-Queen – it is a very good hand, known as ladies.
- Jack-Jack – this is a good hand and it has a good chance to be a winning one unless an ace, king or queen shows up on the flop.
- Ace-King –this is the best drawing hand. It can be a very good hand but the flop needs to be with you to help you make a pair of aces or kings. If they are suited and you are lucky, you will be able to make a flush.
- Ace-Queen – it is the second best drawing hand.
- King-Queen – a good drawing hand. Watch out, when an Ace shows up on the flop, though.
- Ace-Jack – another nice drawing hand. No matter if it is suited or not, you need to play it.
- King-Jack – a good hand to play but be carefull if an ace shows up on the flop.
- Queen-Jack – a good hand but watch out for aces/kings on the flop.
- Ace-10 – a fine hand with a chance to make straight.

Here is a list of hands that you should fold – 2-6; 2-7; 3-7; 2-8; 3-8; 2-9; 3-9; 4-9; 2-10; 5-9; 4-7; 4-8; 5-8; 3-6; K-4; K-3; K-2; Q-3; Q-2; J-2; A-3; A-4.

2. Choose the right table according to your bankroll and skills.

A very common big mistake which beginners make is to sit on tables with high bet limits. This is where advanced players sit and play, that’s where high stakes are placed and a beginner player may lose his bankroll very quickly on such a table. As a beginner player you should play on tables with low limits, that’s where usually beginner players play and where your chances to win will be good. In other words - you shouldn’t play with professionals but with other beginners instead.

3. Never play while you are drunk.

After 2-3 drinks you may feel more comfortable but in any case this will affect your play and will weaken your decision-making skills.

4. Observe the other player even if you are not in a hand.

Observe your opponents’ actions and reactions because they will help you decide how to play. This is a very important aspect in a game of Texas hold'em poker because it is always good to know when an opponent of yours is bluffing or he really has a strong hand. In most of the cases you can easily tell this because most of the beginner players and even good players cannot stop acting in a specific way in specific situations. For example, some shake their hands, breathe rapidly, try to look unfocused and not interested when they have a strong hand.

5. Do not bluff when it is not possible or neccessary.

A lot of players consider bluffing as a part of the poker game and think it is neccessary to try to bluff every now and then. You need to remember that bluffing is not always a good idea and will bring you losses if you use it just for the bluffing. Bluffing can only work in certain situations and against certain players. For example, there are some players who call every time and, as you may guess, it would be totally useless to bluff when playing against such players.

6. Do not play a hand till the end just because you are already in it.

A big mistake beginners make is to play a hand, that is obviously not the strongest on the table and is obviously not going to improve, till the end just because they have already put money in the pot. If you think that your hand won’t be winning then you should forget about the money you have already put in the pot and fold instead of calling because this way you will lose a lot more.

7. Do not play and bet predictably.

Many players play in one and the same way throughout the games they play. It is always a good idea to change your gaming style because otherwise your opponents will profile you and will easily take your money. You need to play in a random pattern – change your betting style, bluff from time to time, play straight and etc.

8. Raise your bet to force your opponets out when you have high pairs.

When they have high pairs, many players make the mistake not to raise the bet before the flop and this way force their opponents out of the game. Therefore, the more the players, the bigger chance somebody with a weaker hand to get lucky with the flop and to beat your high pair. In the end, the conclusion is: high pairs do not like big number of opponents. If you have a high pair preflop, you need to raise the bet in order to make some of the players fold.

9. Sit with a lot of money on the table.

A good idea is to have big bankroll when you sit on a table even if you do not plan to spend all the money. Sit on a low limit table with big bankroll because this way you will have better opportunities when you have a really good hand and your opponents will be scared of your bankroll.

10. Know when to stop.

A problem of many Texas hold'em poker players (and of gamblers as a whole) is that they do not know when to stop playing and quit the poker table. This may cost you a lot because if you are not in a mood to play, you are upset or angry, your bad session will most probably continue and it may even get worse. Never chase your losses and if you are in a bad session you’d better stop playing than losing everyting. Only play when you feel comfortable because that’s when you will have your best games.

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