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The Attraction To Gambling Doubled Among Teenagers

From 2009 till now experts observe an imposing rise of the number of minors under 18 years who try to enter casinos and were caught. That leads to the conclusion that the attraction to gambling among teenagers is getting increasingly popular. For illustration we ive an example with the Adelaide Casino. The numbers are as follows:

1. In the financial  2009-2010 the children caught by getting in a casino are 6162
2. In 2010-2011 the number increased to 8420
3. In the past financial 2011-2012 the number of teens, who tried entering a casino and gamble, reached 10,692

One of the reasons gambling is so popular among minors is the taint gambling advertising, that they see literally everywhere. They are also tempts by the fact that it is forbidden for them to enter casinos. And all youth want to express themselves rebelling against the bans.

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