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The Big One For One Drop – How Do Players Handle Risk

It is a fact that if you want to be among the best poker players in the world, you need to learn how to take and handle risk. That is one of the main qualities for the professional poker players. They usually risk their own money and walk like winners because of knowing how to handle risks. They know when it is a good time to gamble and when to fold. They need to assess their risk and they gather all the information that they need in order to do that when looking at different things like bet sizes, pot odds, implied odds, etc.

At the big event of the WSOP – Big One for One Drop, professional poker players met another type of risk takers – rich businessmen. There were twenty businessmen who tried their luck against twenty-eight pros.

The first three places were taken by three poker pros, of course. But it was interesting that there were four businessmen who managed to qualify among top ten of the winners.

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