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The Software Contact At California Tribal Casino Was Won By NEWave

Central California tribal casino went through one really highly competitive process, in order to select the best company which is going to install all the modules which are needed for its myCompliance Manager Software suit. NEWave has won the contract. This is one of the leading software suppliers in the gaming industry.

This type of software is proven to be the best one of its kind, and it will help the casino in many ways – to increase efficiencies, to enhance customer’s gaming experience, to ensure compliance.

Bart Lewin, NEWave CEO and CTO, explained that the company has won the process for getting the contract with the casino, because they were able to meet the specific needs of the client. The casino wanted to have software which would help them guarantee compliance, will automate the processes and help avoid fines.

And NEWave Company really has the right experience, because they provide services to many casinos throughout California and North America.

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