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Vegas Icon Missing – Kirk Kerkorian Held Captive

The 95-year-old Kirk Kerkorian han not been seen for nearly a year. The developer of great Vegas landmarks as the MGM Grand and Caesar’s Palace has made nearly $3 billion through casino development. Kirk Kerkorian is a true Vegas icon.

His wife, the former tennis star Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, claims her former husband, who is ailing, is being held captive and helpless. The 47-year-old Lisa Bonder Kerkorian accuses his attorneys.

The couple Bonder and Kerkorian was married for 28 days back in 1999. Kirk Kerkorian is paying $100,000 a month for “their” daughter. The 15-year-old Kira is not his biological child, she was fathered by Lisa Bonder’s ex-boyfriend Steve Bing.  Bonder claims also Kerkorian has been kept from Kira for the past five years.

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