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There are a lot of myths about games of chance as a whole and video poker machines are not an exclusion. Myths are good to know because there are certain things players have nothing to be afraid about. We have gathered some of the most common myths about video poker below:

1. If a nearby video poker machine pays out a royal flush, then your video poker machine will not pay out.

If someone at a neighbouring machine hits a royal flush, it will not affect your game in any way, although, you may feel that your chances to win have changed drastically.

2. If you play quickly, the machine will pay out.

Playing video poker quickly will not increase your chances to win at all, but will increase the speed at which the casino advantage takes effect. Apart from that, playing quickly will increase the chances for you to make a mistake.

3. If you place maximum bets, you will get worse hands.

The cards that will be dealt by the video poker machine do not depend on the bet that you have placed in any way.

4. Online video poker pays out less than the machines in the land-based casinos.

It is quite the opposite because an online casino has less running costs and may afford to pay out more money.

5. Video poker machines pay less on weekends and holidays.

Some people think that since casinos have most of their business on weekends and holidays, they change the odds during that time to increase their earnings, which is not true. The odds of the video poker machines may vary slightly and it would cost a lot of time for the casino to change the odds of the video poker machines on weekends and holidays.

6. Casinos control the payouts of the video poker machines in real time.

Some people think that there is a button or a switch somewhere in the casino which makes the machines stop paying out or makes it possible to pay out in certain moments. This is not true since the only thing that may be set up on a video poker machine is the odds and each and every machine may be adjusted only by going inside its terminal.

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