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Video Poker is a type of slot, however, instead of the symbols that the slot machines have on their reels, it uses cards. The objective of the game is also different - the players need to achieve as good poker hand as possible with the cards that the video poker machine randomly deals.

The game starts when a player places his bet and then presses the button DEAL. Then the machine deals a hand of five cards and the player has to choose which cards he wants to hold and which he doesn't by pressing the appropriate buttons on the video poker machine. After selecting the cards the player wants to hold, he needs to press the DEAL/DRAW button. The cards that he chooses to hold, stay on the screen while the game deals new cards from the virtual deck on the place of those which the poker player has chosen throw away. If the new hand has a winning combination, the machine pays out according to its pauout schedule.

The success in video poker depends on the skills of the player and with the help of his luck, he needs to get the best-paying poker hand in the game. The machines use one deck of 52 cards and the hand rankings are the same as in the regular table poker. There are different variations of the video poker which add additional rules and bonuses. The most popular ones are Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. Since they are the most popular games, we have paid special attention to them and, on MyCasinoStrategy, you may find strategies for both games. You may take a look at our basic deuces wild strategy and basic jacks or better strategy, as well as our advanced video poker strategy. Our strategies will be very useful to you and will help you play better and win more often. We have also collected the best video poker tips which will also help you improve your play.

Video Poker is a very popular game and as such, there are a lot of myths about it. You may check our myths section and read some very interesting myths about the game that we have gathered for you.

You may play free video poker in one of the casinos below, either by signing up for a fun account with virtual money balance or by depositing and taking advantage of the hot bonus offers we have gathered for you.


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