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Video poker machines appeared in the casinos after the invention of the personal computers and it was one of the first machines casinos started to use. The game has gained big popularity over the years till nowadays when it is one of the most popular games of chance in the casinos around the world. The video poker mahcines have been evolving during all these years and nowadays, players may choose from a wide variety of modifications and variations of the game. Many gamblers prefer to play video poker because it seems safer than the table games, it is easy to play and unlike the slot machines it involves decision-making. These are the main reasons for the huge success of this game over the years.

Due to the wide popularity of the game, it became a challenge to all casino players around the world and they started looking for a way to beat the video poker machine by developing and using varous strategies. A way to improve your chances significantly, according to some casino players, is to use strategies which tell the players when to place high or low bets, depending on the cards that have been dealt before. However, these systems is not quite reliable, to our opinion. We think that the right way to play is to try to decrease the casino edge and thus raise your chances to win by using video poker strategies which are all about making the right decisions as to which cards to hold and discard.

On MyCasinoStrategy, you may find video poker strategies which tell you what decisions to make depending on the cards that you have been dealt. Here, you will find useful strategies for beginners - basic deuces wild strategy and basic jacks or better strategy. Also, we've got one which is suitable for experienced players which you may read here - advanced video poker strategy.

You can test this video poker strategy absolutely free in an online casino (with virtual money balance) and you will see how effective and profitable it can be.



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