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What"s Going On With Baha Mar"s Bankruptcy?

Baha mar is a well-known online gambling and sports betting operator. It is recognized as one of the few bookmakers and casinos that allow and accept USA-based customers. But even though being so generous and tolerant with its audience, recently, Baha mar has faced some really huge issues. Let us remind you that few weeks ago the online gambling operator has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware.

It was in Bahamas and the company claimed to fall in bankruptcy as to its American division. After the court has taken the case, it has got the main duty to decide whether Bahamas should approve the bankruptcy and let the company manage its issues without being charged. However, things with Baha mar will definitely not go quite smoothly, because the court made a statement and a recommendation to Bahamas not to approve and accept the bankruptcy as to Baha mar. Eventually, the gambling operator will be deprived of the bankruptcy protection and its finances will go through a decent check by both – the authorities in Bahamas, as well as the jurisdiction agencies. The troubles with the $ 3.5 b Baha mar company seem to begin...

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