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What’s the Appeal in Mobile Bingo?

There are over 100 million people who are members of online bingo sites today, and while they don’t all login and play on a daily basis, it’s safe to say that online bingo is very big business. We see this, of course, in all the ads for bingo on TV, and the great bonuses that are on offer when new players sign up to a site.

Recently there’s been a shift as more and more people are now playing this simple and fun game on their mobiles, rather than just logging in at home on their pc. It’s only since 2010 that the technology really existed to make it possible to play bingo and other similar games on a smartphone or tablet, but it’s certainly exploded in popularity since then.

What is it then that makes playing a game like bingo on your mobile so attractive?

It’s easy

You can play bingo with your eyes closed, almost. There’s no need to think about a strategy or decide what moves to make when you play online bingo. You don’t even need to listen to the number calls as the software daubs any matching numbers on the cards you’ve chosen for you. And if you have a win, it will be credited automatically to your account. All you need to do is decide which game to play and how many cards to buy.

It’s accessible

Wherever you are that you can get internet access, you can now play bingo and there’s always a wide range of games to choose from. For online bingo games play here at 32Red or a similar site, and you can be at work taking a coffee break, on your journey home, or sitting in a bar waiting for a friend to arrive. You can login for a quick game of bingo wherever you are; play for five minutes and then do something else. There’s no need to drum your fingers to pass the time these days. Even when you’re at home with access to your pc, you might still prefer to sit on the sofa and have a few games of bingo on your mobile – it’s more relaxing than sitting at a desk.

A report by Juniper Research suggested that by 2017, the total amount of wagers placed worldwide on mobile devices will reach $100 billion. With the possibility of those kinds of amounts moving around, it’s essential that bingo sites get their mobile offering right. Although some sites still only offer a few games in mobile format, the likelihood is that the selection will get broader in the very near future. Many of the sites already offer special mobile-only promotions and bonuses to encourage players to sign up – and if you enjoy gaming on your mobile, why not benefit from some free gaming credit?

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