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We spend a much time trolling the internet for new casino games and we are constantly looking for games that can keep my attention for a good amount of time. So when I look for an online casino, one of my chief concerns is whether it has a game catalogue that will keep me entertained for more than just a few days. And throughout my searching, WinPalace Casino is one of the online casinos that could sate my appetite for games.

WinPalace Casino has been around for a few years now, and I can remember back when they started, they had around 100 games. Nowadays, that number has soared past 150 individual titles which is an impressive number in the online gambling industry. And just recently, WinPalace Casino has added a handful of new games, showing why they’re still one of the best in the world of online gambling.

Multi-Player Roulette:

If there was one thing that I could point to where WinPalace has been lacking, it’s in interactive games. Well, WinPalace Casino has remedied this by adding a great multi-player version of roulette. It’s the same classic game, but now instead of playing by yourself, you can join other players at the table and play together. It all happens in real time and really gives you an authentic experience. Just make an avatar and join a table. If you’ve already got friends that play at WinPalace, pick a time and table, and play together. Or, be adventurous and play with new folks online.

French Roulette:

This might sound a bit foolish, but I just assumed that all roulette was essentially French. I mean, roulette is a French word! Apparently though, there is a French version of the game (to go along with European and American). The game plays much like the popular European variant, with one very notable difference—French roulette’s layout is completely green. You can still bet on black or red, but now you’ve got to remember which numbers correspond to which color! Sure, it’s a little bit of an exercise to get used to, but with higher payouts than other roulette games, it may be worth trying.

Polar Explorer:

Polar Explorer is a new video slot game that has just been released by RTG. Now, I don’t want to sound too negative, but I’ve never been blown away by RTG’s slots. They are entertaining, and I’ve won quite a bit playing, but they don’t seem to have the “wow factor” that I’ve seen with other softwares. But let me tip my hat to RTG and WinPalace, because Polar Explorer is a departure from the norm. It is really fantastic—not just with all the cool special features, but also with the stunning graphics and animation. I hope that RTG continues in this direction with all its new slots endeavors.

Food for Thought:

When you’re a game hound and a bit of a bonus hunter, WinPalace Casino is certainly a good place to play. Add to that, WinPalace accepts players from just about every corner of the world, including the US. And don’t forget about the Welcome Bonuses at WinPalace! Use the WinSlots Bonus for a 300% match on your first deposit (slots). Or, use the Palace Welcome Bonus for 200% on your first 2 deposits (slots and tables). And if you’re feeling frisky, use both welcome bonuses.

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