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Workers at Melco Crown Entertainment Not Happy At All!

Melco Crown Entertainment has lots of work to do in order to improve its facilities and mostly – the customer support services. During the last few weeks the online gambling operator has submitted many unsatisfied e-mails and messages from both – angry dealers and not happy customers.

According to the official representatives working for Melco Crown Entertainment the 1000 dealers from the website have signed their complaints. The dealers believe they are not treated finely and to be more specific there are many unfair conditions on the platform and the customers are disappointed to see a huge mess and slow facilities on the page all the time. Since the complaining messages are so many and the operator find difficulties in handling them all, Gaming labor union Forefront of Macau Gaming (FMG) decided to help, but it seems that Melco Crown by all means must do something big to get the things back to their normal state.

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