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Yahoo With Huge Plans For Its Gambling Niche

It seems that the IT giant – Yahoo – is not satisfied enough with the big success up to now it has achieved, because the leading company in the sphere is heading to expand one of its additional niches. Yahoo is planning huge updates for its gambling sphere. What the company is about to do is to launch fantasy sports betting platform that aims to conquer the competition even though fantasy – unlike – real sports are not the top chosen options for gambling. We remind you that in April, Yahoo has firstly announced to diversify its services in DFS sports.

This week, though, the IT giant specified that the platform will be fully oriented to Major league in Baseball games. Still, Yahoo is not going to stay in its comfort zone, because it will also add some new features like National Football, as well as National Basketball association and hockey tournaments. What Yahoo aims to do with all of its new updates into the fantasy sports betting sphere is to focus the attention at both – DFS and major leagues. No matter how much high punters prefer the real sports and recently – the minor leagues – Yahoo will go on the other side to show that its big potential in IT sphere in general can make wonders – even with the tastes that a traditional sports gambler usually has.

Bear in mind that Yahoo will continue working with PayPal as main payment system for the financial transactions on sports betting platform.

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