Roulette – Martingale Strategy

The Martingale roulette strategy appeared in 18th century France and was created for a game in which the gambler wins if a coin came up heads and lost if the coin came up tails. With this system, if a player has got a lot of money and can afford to bet all of it, theoretically he cannot lose. With the martingale system, a player has to double his bet after every loss till the first win that will recover all his previous losses plus profit that is equal to the initial bet.

As with every other betting system when the player has bad luck and a straight string of losses happens to him, this may result in a loss of money. However, in most of the cases the martingale roulette strategy is quite effective and the players may win a lot with it. It is considered that the minimum and the maximum bet limits that the land-based and online casinos impose are because they want to limit the usage of martingale and to make it harder for carrying out.

Here is how the martingale roulette strategy is being used:

Let’s say you bet $1 on a color at your choice (black or red) and if your color comes out then you will have $1 profit (odds of winning – 1:1). After that, you place a bet of $1 again on the same color and if you win again, you will continue to bet $1 on one and the same color until you lose or you decide to stop playing. In case you lose your bet of $1, then your next bet will be double – $2. Let’s say that you lose again, then you need to double the lost bet of $2 and bet $4 on the chosen color. If you lose one more time, then you double the previous bet of $4 and this time bet $8 on the same color. Continue to bet like this till the moment when your color comes out. When this happens you will have everything lost back plus profit of your initial bet (in this case $1). Let’s say that your color comes out after your bet of $8, then you will win $16 and you will have everything lost back plus profit of $1. The initial bet may be an amount of your choice, but it is not recommended to be more than $5.

Let’s make a calculation of what you’ve bet:

$1 + $2 + $4 + $8 = $15

Since the casino pays you $16, you have recovered your losses and you have $1 profit (your initial bet).

Roulette – martingale professional system

Here you may read a roulette system which is based on martingale strategy. In the beginning, our professional martingale strategy is carried out just like the regular one – the bets that are lost are doubled and when our bet is won then we start from the initial bet of $1. Here comes the difference – the advantage of the professional strategy is that it gets over the bet limits that the casinos apply. These bet limits are applied because of martingale and in most of the online casinos the bet limit is $300. That’s why we have developed our professional system for $300 bet limit.

In order to continue to use the system after the 9th unsuccessful spin, you would need to place a bet of $512 which wouldn’t be possible because of the $300 bet limit on black/red. Now, we will show you how you can overcome that and you can make two more spins which, as you may guess, will tremendously increase your chances to succeed – this makes our professional strategy 22% more effective than the regular. Here is how the bet limit of $300 is overcome after your color hasn’t come out 9 times in a row and you have reached a bet of $256:

On the 10th spin, you need to bet $300 on the color you have played unsuccessfully on the spins before (because $300 is the maximum bet you can place on a color) and also place $20 on every number of the color you have chosen (straight up bets) – see the first picture on the right. In this case, if your color comes out on this spin, you will have $149 profit. If the 10th spin is also unsuccessful, you will have one last try to have your color come out which should be successful according to the Calculus Of Probability. On the 11th spin, you need to bet $300 on your color again, and $100 on each number of your color (straight up bets) – see the second picture on the right. If your color comes out on the 11th spin, your profit will be $929.

As you can see, our professional martingale roulette system provides a much chance to win compared to the regular one, and also it can bring higher profits on the 10th and 11th spin.

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