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Amaya gambling website remains with its current CEO

Amaya is a well-known gambling websites, which even though quite cool for the major audience, has recently fallen into a huge probe. The whole discussion as to the safety factor in Amaya company and gambling environment has started due to some issues that involved the chairman David Baazov.

It was this week, when the board at Amaya gambling company was supposed to choose a new CEO. There were no certain nominee winners in the beginning, but to most people the re-election of the current chairman was out of question. As a surprise to all, however, David Baazov was again re-elected and he will remain as the current CEO in Amaya gambling arena. It is also a curious fact that ISS Proxy Advisory Services had several good suggestions as to the newest CEO for Amaya. Among the nominee made by the authority were Daniel Sebag, Gen. Wesley Clark, Divyesh (David) Gadhia, Harlan Goodson and Dr. Aubrey Zidenberg. Still, Baazov seems to be the leader of Amaya ship and in case the company has already faced so many successful years with this quite ambitious guy, there is no reason for it to remain with a new chairman.

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