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Casino Etiquette

It’s all well and good learning the rules and strategies for your favourite casino games, but you also need to learn a little etiquette if you are to thoroughly enjoy your night at the tables and not spoil anybody else’s fun.

Casinos have an image of suave sophistication, and you will be expected to conduct yourself appropriately in the way you dress, the way you play, and the way you conduct yourself around the tables. It might sound a little uptight, but then the upmarket style and atmosphere is all part and parcel of the casino experience, so it pays to play along with the expected etiquette.

Firstly, you should expect to dress for the occasion. It doesn’t have to be a tuxedo and a bowtie, but most casinos in Britain and on the continent will have a dress code that insists on at least a jacket and tie. And isn’t that exactly how it should be? Visiting the casino should be an experience like dining at a high-class restaurant, rather than just nipping into your local bookmakers to place a bet in jeans and a t-shirt.

Once inside, you’ll want to put your phone on silent mode, as players will not thank you for spoiling their concentration with your latest TV-theme-tuned ring tone. Even if it is on vibrate, you should never be tempted to check your messages when you’re playing a game, as you could find yourself in trouble with house security who might think you’re using your phone for some duplicitous purpose.

It may be your first time at a casino, but you will still be expected to learn the rules before you join the main games. Either practice online before you go, or look for the training tables at the casino to help you to learn the ropes. It is fine to stand and watch a game, but don’t take a seat at a table unless you want to play, or you could be blocking someone else from taking part.

You should never embarrass the dealer or croupier by asking for their advice, and your fellow players will probably not want to help you either. It’s your money, and no one else wants to feel responsible for your losses. Know the rules and learn the minimum bets at the table before you join the game, or you’ll just look like an amateur and spoil it for everyone else.

Speaking of bets, you should get your chips at the main cashier before you start to play, but if you run out, you can get some more from your dealer or croupier if you need them. However, it is bad form to pass the money directly to them. You should place it on the table and let them pick it up. This allows the security cameras to make sure everything is above board.

Remember, once you’ve placed your chips, that’s it. You must not touch them or move them once the game has started or the wheel is spinning. The same is true for any cards dealt face up in a game.

It’s great when your bets win, and chances are everyone at the table will celebrate with you — but no one wants to share in your losses. Don’t go blaming the dealer or your fellow players for your own poor cards or bad decisions. Sometimes you get the hands, sometimes you don’t. That’s all part of the excitement of a night at the tables.

If you must have a mutter, move away from the game and share your woes with the long-suffering barman. You certainly won’t be the first. Just don’t overdo it on the drinks, even if they are complimentary. If the roulette wheel stays still and the room starts spinning around it, then it’s time to go home!

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