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PokerStars Lifelong Ban for "Jama-dharma’

PokerStars has banned for life a player after accusing him of the practice “buttoning”.

The largest and most popular real money online poker room in the world accused a player, known as ‘Jama-dharma’. He was sitting at an empty table and waited for it to fill up before quitting said table in advance of the big blinds. PokerStars has already issued a written warning to 'Jama-dharma’.

The practice, known as “buttoning”, also entails players being able to bet and play games absolutely for free as they never paid for obligatory antes.

Probably ‘Jama-dharma' will never play again, if PokerStars share this information with other online poker rooms and websites. Most likely PokerStars will do exactly this – share the bad info about ‘Jama-dharma'.

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