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European Union With a Recommendation For Online Gambling To Germany

There have been some issues in German online gambling regime. And this is a fact that has not been seen and badly appreciated by the audience only. On the contrary – EU has some special recommendations for Germany. The recommendation comes straight from the Gambling Commission in European Union and it is devoted to an attempt for justifying the regime.

Let us remind you that recently – to be more specific 3 months ago – European Union has seized an issue with German federal interstate gambling treaty, which, by the way, has been ruling for only three years. The problem is that there are more 20 different online gambling operators, which tried to receive an official license to operate on the market, but the applications were not even checked out by the authorised German agencies. There was always a reason for others operators to be rejected as to the release of this permission. EU now worries that most of the newly appeared German gambling operators and websites will remain with no license. This is a huge problem, because they will not be only non-legal, but also deprived of proper and decent regulation pack of measures that every single casino or sports betting website must have.

We hope that the warning coming from EU will soon improve the gambling situation in Germany.

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